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Woodcock, J. (2017) Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres, London: Pluto.


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Journal articles

Johnson, M. R., and Woodcock, J. (2017) 'Fighting Games and Go: Exploring the Aesthetics of Play in Professional Gaming', Thesis Eleven.

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Journal Articles Under Review

Woodcock, J. and Johnson, M. R. (Revise and Resubmit) ‘Gamification: What it is, and how to fight it’

Johnson, M. R. and Woodcock, J. (Under Review) ‘The Sociology of Competitive Gaming and eSports: Mastering the Metagame in Digital Play’

Johnson, M. R. and Woodcock, J. (Under Review) ‘It’s like the Gold Rush: The Lives and Careers of Professional Video Game Streamers on’

Woodcock, J. and Johnson, M. R. (Under Review) ‘The Methodological Challenges of Digital Ethnography: Researching and Live Streaming’

Woodcock, J. (Under Review) ‘Deliveroo and precarious work: the labour process and the algorithmic Panopticon’

Woodcock, J. (Under Review) ‘Digital labour in the university: understanding the transformations of academic work in the UK’

Johnson, M. R. and Woodcock, J. (Under Review) Work, Labour and Play in eSports and Professional Gaming

Book chapters

Woodcock, J. (Forthcoming) ‘The Art of War: The role of labour in the production of history and memory military videogames’, in H. Pötzsch and P. Hammond (eds.) War/Game: Memory, Militarism, and the Subject of Play, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

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Popular Articles

Interviewed in 'A ‘uberização’ e as encruzilhadas do mundo do trabalho', IHU Online, available here.

Woodcock, J. (2017) 'Automate this! delivering resistance in the gig economy', Mute, 10th March, available here.

Woodcock, J. (2017) 'As a call centre worker I saw how employees are stripped of their rights', The Guardian, 16th February, available here.

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Conference papers and talks

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