Conference Papers and Talks

Conference Papers and Talks

December, 2017, "Why Workers' Inquiry", Mayday Rooms, London.

November, 2017, 'Working the Phones', Birmingham.

November, 2017, 'A Fairwork Foundation: towards a Fairer Work in the Digital Gig Economy', with Mark Graham, Work in the Digital Economy: Regulation and Conflicts, ENDL, University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

November, 2017, 'Labour, Resistance, and Organisation in the Online Gig
Economy', Historical Materialism Conference, London.

November, 2017, 'Power and Accountability in the Digital Economy', The Glass Room, London.

November, 2017, 'Fairwork', ETUC Autumn School, LSE.

November, 2017, 'Platforms' Digital Frontiers, Kingston University.

September, 2017, 'Contemporary Workers' Inquiry and Documenting Struggle', Mayday Rooms, London.

September, 2017, 'Working the Phones', Tender Networks, Bristol.

September, 2017, 'Deliveroo and the City: work, digital technology, and the urban environment', with Adam Badger, Urban Studies Seminar, University of Southampton.

September, 2017, '“Live Streamers” and the Public Mediation of Cultural Value', with Dr Mark R Johnson, Cultural Mediators in the Digital Age, Kings College London.

August, 2017, 'Labour, Professionalisation and Esports', The Future of Esports: Challenging Work and Gender Issues in Pro Gaming, Manchester.

July, 2017, 'Precarious Labour', Manchester International Festival.

July, 2017, 'Working the Phones', Internationalist Summer Meeting, Greece.

July, 2017, 'Towards a Fairer World of Work', ILO, Geneva.

July, 2017, 'Managing Play: The Management of Competitive and Professional Gaming', Critical Management Conference (CMS), Liverpool.

June 2017, ‘Live Streaming,, and the Games Industry’, Multiplatform, Manchester.

June 2017, 'Working the Phones: investigating control and resistance in the modern workplace', Public lecture LSE, London.

June 2017, '"Oh my god, this is beautiful" - game-changing discourse and action in esports tournaments', with Dr Mark R Johnson, CAMEo, University of Leicester

June 2017, 'Understanding the 21st century workplace', Arcadia University, the College of Global Studies, London

June 2017, 'Playing for profit: the lives and careers of professional video gamestreamers', with Dr Mark R Johnson, Canadian Games Studies Association (CGSA), Toronto

May 2017, 'Live-streamed performance and talk on Twitch', Capitalism, Marketing, and Critique, London

May 2017, 'Working the Phones', DIY Cultures, London

May 2017, 'Q&A on the Future of Work', Pulverised at the Arcola Theatre, London

May 2017, 'The new digital everyday of work: platforms and the algorithmic panopticon', Digital Everyday Conference, Kings College London

May 2017, '"It’s like the Gold Rush": The Lives and Careers of Professional Video Game Broadcasters', with Dr Mark R Johnson, DiGRA UK, Salford

April 2017, 'Inquiry today', Historical Materialism, New York

April 2017, Customer Service Agent, Cafe Oto, London

April 2017, 'A Changing World: Power Shifts in 2017 and Beyond', eSCon europe, the eSports conference, London

March 2017, 'Working the Phones', Book Launch, Connecting Research on Employment and Work, University of Warwick

March 2017, 'The Future of Video' Insight 17, London (invited talk)

March 2017, 'a gathering of masters @IEM', Digital Jam Sessions (online talk available here)

March 2017, 'Digital Labour', Oxford Radical Forum (invited talk)

March 2017, 'Working the Phones', Ruskin College, Oxford (invited talk)

Feb 2017, 'Understanding the Gig Economy: The problem of management at Deliveroo', Institute for Management Studies, Goldsmiths, London (invited talk)

Feb 2017, launch of Euro Network on Digital Labor (ENDL), Paris (participant)

Feb 2017 'Working The Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centers', book launch, Interference Archive and the MEP, New York City

Feb 2017 Session on Board Diversity & Workers on Boards, Corporate Governance Reform Workshop, LSE, London (invited participant)

Jan 2017 UK Digital Economy Crucible 2017 Information Event, UCL, London (invited talk)

Jan 2017 'Work: The Digital Economy and the Labouring Body' at the Forum, LSE, London (invited talk) available here

Jan 2017 'Deliver-who? An inquiry into the conditions of Deliveroo workers in London', Information Systems Seminar Series, LSE, London

Nov 2016 'Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres – Book launch', Waterstones, Trafalgar Square, London.

Nov 2016 'Deliver-who? An inquiry into the struggle of precarious workers at Deliveroo', ERHR Research Workshop, LSE, London

Nov 2016 'Esports and Competitive Gaming in the UK: A Summary and Future Possibilities', Varsity Games launch: London University LIVE Esports, Gfinity Arena, London (invited talk)

Nov 2016 'The work of play: towards a Marxist analysis of video game production', ENCODE, University of Tromsø, Norway (invited lecture).

Nov 2016 ‘Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres (Wildcat Series) – Book launch’, Historical Materialism, London.

Nov 2016 'Professional Gaming Through the Ages: Poker, eSports, and the Work of Skilled Play', with Mark R Johnson, eSports and the Future of Sport, University of Salford

Oct 2016 'Procedural generation and the labour process: how we shape tools and they shape us', ProcJam, Falmouth University, UK (invited talk).

Oct 2016 'Understanding Digital Labour: Between Autonomy and Automation', Marx2016 conference, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sept 2016 ‘Professional Gaming and eSports in the UK: Digital Labour and the Blurring of Work and Play’, Work, Employment & Society Conference, University of Leeds.

Aug 2016 ‘The Relationships of Co-Creation: Software Modification on Steam’, DiGRA/FDG, Dundee.

July 2016 ‘Crowdsourcing in Practice: the users view of micro tasking’, International Conference on Social Media & Society, London.

June 2016 ‘Digital tools for workers' organisation: challenges and possibilities’, “I Will if You Will, Too”: Conditional Commitment in Collective Action, City University, London (invited talk)

April 2016 ‘Disentangling value in a co-creating Organisation: exploring the tensions between paid professionals and users, Scientist and citizen scientists’, Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies, Viña del Mar, Chile.

April 2016 ‘The online crowdsourcing of scientific research: the experience and motivation of users’, International Labour Process Conference, Berlin.

Nov 2015 ‘Crowdsourcing: understanding the implications, from citizen science to microwork’, Historical Materialism, London.

July 2015 ‘The practice of anti-work politics: what are the implications for organisation and strategy?’, Never Work Conference, Cardiff University.

April 2015 Discussant for Sergio Bologna, ‘The origins, traits, and evolution of the freelance movement’, Marxism(s) in Social Movements, European University Institute, Florence (invited speaker).

Nov 2014 ‘Possibilities for new workplace organisation: workers refusal and the challenges for trade unions’, Historical Materialism, London.

Oct 2014 ‘Investigating the workplace: history and contemporary cases (call-centre-study)’, Laborious Actions: International forum on collective actions in the IT sphere, St Petersburg, Russia (invited talk).

July 2014 ‘Precarious labour in the UK: the impact of neoliberalism and the possibilities for resistance and organisation’ and ‘Towards a method for activist-scholar research collaborations: taking inspiration from the tradition of the workers' inquiry’, International Sociological Association World Congress, Japan.

April 2014 ‘Examining the labour process in a call centre: from bad jokes to the possibilities for resistance’, International Labour Process Conference, London.

Mar 2014 ‘The workers’ inquiry as a method: possibilities for resistance and organisation in a UK call centre’, Critical Labour Studies Conference, Ruskin College, Oxford.

Feb 2014 ‘Workers’ inquiry in a UK call centre: possibilities for resistance and organisation’, Geographies of resistance: neoliberal violence and crisis, University of Oxford.

Nov 2013 ‘Between exploitation and resistance: towards a workers’ inquiry for the 21st century’, Historical Materialism, London.

Sept 2013 ‘“Smiling down the phone”: a workers’ inquiry into call centre conditions’, Work, Employment & Society Conference, University of Warwick.

May 2013 ‘A workers’ inquiry into a charity fundraising call centre’, Ephemera: the politics of workers’ inquiry, University of Essex.

Nov 2012 ‘An attempt at a workers' inquiry in a call centre: possibilities of resistance, potential for organisation’, Historical Materialism, London.