#Slaveroo: Deliveroo Drivers Organising in the ‘Gig Economy’

A piece I've written for Novara Wire on the Deliveroo drivers campaign, full article here - and I also feature in this Novara Media video.

On Thursday 11 August, hundreds of Deliveroo drivers gathered outside the company’s London headquarters in protest at a new payment structure.

Earlier that day Deliveroo had sent some of the drivers a text announcing that they would now be paid £3.75 per drop, rather than the previous £1 per drop on top of £7 an hour. This represents a significant shift in risk – if there is no demand on the app the drivers won’t earn anything – and a pay cut in practice. It is also being introduced in the same month as the company raised £212m from investors, and gained competition from its new rival UberEATS.