Guerrilla Democracy: Mobile Power and Revolution in the 21st Century

By Peter Bloom, Owain Smolović Jones, and Jamie Woodcock

The liberating promise of big data and social media to create more responsive democracies and workplaces is overshadowed by a nightmare of election meddling, privacy invasion, fake news and an exploitative gig economy. Yet, while regressive forces spread disinformation and hate, 'guerrilla democrats' continue to foster hope and connection through digital technologies. This book offers an in-depth analysis of platform-based radical movements, from the online coalitions of voters and activists to the Deliveroo and Uber strikes. Combining cutting edge theories with empirical research, it makes an invaluable contribution to the emerging literature on the relationship between technology and society.

Available from Bristol University Press.


"Politics has been infected, and it has a serious case of guerrilla democracy. This wide-ranging new study looks at how activists draw on digital technologies to resist neoliberalism and create alternatives."

André Spicer, City, University of London