Notes from Below

I am a founding editor of the online journal Notes from Below, which uses the methods of workers' inquiry.

Historical Materialism

I am on the editorial board of Historical Materialism: a Marxist Journal which also runs a book series and regular conferences.

Game Worker Solidarity

//Coming Soon//

The Research into Employment, Empowerment and Futures group (REEF)

I am a member of the The Research into Employment, Empowerment and Futures group (REEF) at the Open University.

Crowdsourcing Wage Pledge

A project to let crowdsourcing requesters publicly commit to paying at least a certain wage level.

Marx at the Arcade (Reading Group)

I host a regular Marxist reading group where we meet up to discuss Marxism over videogames and drinks.

The Organising at Work Game "Jam"

I helped to co-organise a game "jam" on theme of "organising at work" with Game Workers Unite UK.

Autonomy Institute

I am a Researcher Affiliate at the Autonomy Institute - an independent, progressive think tank with one focus: work.

International Inequalities Institute, LSE

I am an associate at the new institute at LSE.


I was a partner on this project on Conflict, War, and Enemies in Narrative Computer Games based at UiT Tromsø, Norway.

Digital Creativity Labs

A research project that I was previously involved with as a postdoc.

The Wonders of the Zooniverse

The EPSRC funded VOLCROWE project that I was involved with as a postdoc.