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Dr Jamie Woodcock

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Technology, Labor, and the Gig Economy

Woodcock, J. (2021) ' Technology, Labor, and the Gig Economy', in D. A. Rohlinger and S. Sobieraj (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Sociology and Digital Media, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Abstract and Keywords

This chapter examines the interconnections between technology, labor, and the gig economy. It starts by analyzing the

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Work, play, and precariousness

An overview of the labour ecosystem of esports

Johnson M.R., Woodcock J. (Forthcoming, 2021) Work, play, and precariousness: An overview of the labour ecosystem of esports. Media, Culture & Society. Online first.


Professionalised competitive digital gaming or ‘esports’ has grown to a point where millions of dollars are

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Towards a Digital Workerism

Woodcock, J. (2021) Towards a Digital Workerism: Workers’ Inquiry, Methods, and Technologies. Nanoethics.


Digital technology is playing an increasingly visible role in the organisation of many people’s work—as well as large parts of their lives more broadly. The concerns of emancipatory

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Woodcock J. (2020) ‘Exploitation’, in G. Ritzer and C. Rojek (eds) The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Oxford: John Wiley & Sons.


Exploitation involves an unfair relationship, in which one party benefits at the expense of another. Due to this unfairness, exploitation is a highly emotive concept, involving value judgments

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